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The feasts on the naturist camping site

The feast of Saint Jean

The solstice on June 23rd is the moment on which the traditional feast of Saint Jean is celebrated.
From dawn on Catalonians go to the top of the Canigou, their holy mountain, from where they take their part of the eternal fire back home to their villages. From this fire ceremonial bonfires are kindled both on the Canigou, in the Catalonian villages and on La Balma. This traditional Catalonian feast and dinner are very much appreciated by all guests of the camping site.

The Cargolade on july 14th and august 15th.

On the French national holiday, 14th of July and on August 15th the impressive Cargolade is organized on Mas de la Balma. The name Cargolade is derived from "Escargot" the French word for snail.
It is a banquet during which hundreds of snails grilled on a wood fire and many other delicious courses are being served. All this is accompanied by the excellent red wine from the region.
Besides eating and drinking music is made and guests sing - sometimes even self composed songs - and present small performances.
The Cargolade starts at noon and lasts till after midnight.

 The Rodella of Montbolo

Every year on July 30th the inhabitants of Montbolo, a nearby village, organize a procession which leads from their church “Saint André” to the church of “Sainte Marie” in Arles sur Tech.
This procession brings the Rodella from Montbolo to Arles sur Tech.

Originally the Rodella is a symbol for the sun dating from the very early ages. About 1465 it is annexed with the Catholic church as one of their symbols.
The Rodella is a cross on which a spiral of beeswax is attached. It is meant for a sacrifice to the saints Abdon and Sennen to request them to protect the inhabitants of Montbolo against bad weather, like storm and hail, during next year.

Each year the inhabitants of Montbolo invite the guests of Mas de la Balma to join them on this walk along century old trails.
On Mas de la Balma it has become a tradition to finish the Rodella procession with a good dinner.